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Soft-touch Series

971 Toothbrush

Suitable for vulnerable and bloodshed prone gums and pregnant women

  • Imported 0.01mm thin filaments

    Imported 0.01mm thin filaments

  • Exquisite and flexible brush head

    Reach deep down to tooth crevices and gingival sulci, protect the gums and remove interdental residue.

  • High-density tufting technology

    The brush head, exquisite, flexible, and more consistent with modern oral care philosophy, cleans mouth in a smart way.

  • Comfortable non-slip handle

    High-density tufting technology makes it possible to put on a total number of 4000 pieces of bristles!

972 Toothbrush

Recommended user group: uses with vulnerable and bloodshed-prone gums and bad breath

  • Carbon black filaments

    The filaments, containing binchotan particles, help kill bad breath.

  • 65-hole ultra-dense bristle arrangement

    Thanks to the ultra-dense tufting technology, the tufts, denser and evener, bear force in a more uniform manner and give a fuller and more comfortable oral feel when cleaning.

  • 0.01mm thin filament

    0.01mm ultra-fine tip will go deep down into inaccessible sites, easily remove tartar between tooth crevices, too soft to bruise the gums.

  • Resilient brush neck

    The slender and resilient brush neck properly buffers the brushing force and cleans the inside of mouth more dexterously.