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[ Brand History ]
Frog is devoted 20 years for the dental health of each day

       20 years ago, Mr. Li Zhiming, the founder of Frog Toothbrush and the chairman of Sugere thought every day about the problem that how many compatriots (especially the children) would be worried about the pricking and bleeding due to tooth brushing.Can’t Chinese people produce a good toothbrush that just like the imported toothbrush with beautiful design, comfortable holding, soft feel and excellent effect of cleaning?The chairman finally created the Sugere-Frog in 1993, introduced the best and the most advanced toothbrush manufacturing equipment, technologies and materials from abroad and produced the first bicolor soft toothbrush.

       Through 20 years the Frog integrates with domestic and overseas top technical team, employs the dentist with international authority to provide the latest medical professional consulting, persistently researches the innovation and continuously accumulates the experience of dental care.

       Frog treats toothbrush as real craft, but not just a tool. It adheres to the corporate philosophy of “sincerity, perseverance, delicacy and cleanliness”; sincerely provides the most secure, the best quality and the most thoughtful products for each consumer who uses Frog Toothbrush; only by this way, the company can produce the Frog Toothbrush that is favored by more than hundreds of millions of families, thereinto, the Frog Children Toothbrush is stably positioned as the first brand in Chinese market for a long time.

       In the future, Frog will condense 20 years of successful and devoted experience in toothbrush research and development, design and manufacturing; constantly perform innovation combined with the professional consulting of authorized dentists; continuously develop various products of dental care, and thoroughly practice “Frog protects each tooth of the whole family”.

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